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tv   wusa 9 News at 5am  CBS  February 11, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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maybe a sprinkle early, but it will be cold. some of the suburbs mid-20s again, and windchills mostly in the teens. out in the your cold windchills is our own nikki burdine who is not happy with me at all. >> reporter: i found the trick, do jumping jacks, run in place, and wear a lot of layers. i look ridiculous right now. i'm wearing two parts of pants, two coats, and much more. i'm still cold. we found a woman who loves the weather. >> too much heat is not good for you. this opens up your sinus. >> reporter: how many layers are you wearing? >> just one, and my coat. >> reporter: she's just wearing one layer. that's pretty impressive stuff. i think it's all the state
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that helps. cover all exposed areas. if you see someone who is homeless or vulnerable to this type of weather, just call the hypothermia line. thank you, nikki. your time is 5:01. as you can imagine this is certainly a day to crank up the car heater. let it get going there. no issues around the beltway this morning. we are doing well, have been, earlier construction on 395 expected to wrap up shortly, and this is southbound approaching seminary road, and i don't think it will last that much longer. sealand parkway free and clear this morning, no issues on 4 or 5. we are doing well. traveling inbound on 50. coming from crossland, mitchell, and bowieville. you're good to go this morning. southbound on the vw parkway, southbound and free and clear
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the maryland camera to show you how things are shaping up here. randolph road, quiet this morning. much more on the 9s coming up. for now, over to you. this morning an update to the shooting at a hospital in fairfax county. we first told you about this on wake up washington yesterday. police expect to file charges against the suspect today. he's still recovering from his self-inflicted gun shot wound. the man showed up overnight after shooting himself in the shoulder, and he tried to enter through a side entrance, but the door was locked, so he shot at it, shattering the glass. once inside he opened fire again, and luckily no one was hurt. hospital staff persuaded him to put down the gun, and they started to treat him for his injuries. the governor of maryland is ordering flags be flown at half staff today in honor of two deputies shot and killed yesterday. one was shot at point-blank range around noon as he was approaching a
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inside of a panera bread. the second deputies chased after the man and was killed in a shootout. the sheriff had to pause for a moment after announcing the death of his men. >> it's with great sadness i have to announce to you today that both officers shot today have succumbed to their injuries. >> two other officers shot and killed the gunman. david brian evans had two outstanding arrest warrants including one for assaulting a police officer in florida. the names of the two deputies have not been released. right now in the district, police are investigating the death of a baby. the baby had already passed away when the police got to the home on vanburen street, and five siblings were also inside. police believe they were home alone. the children are now in the care of child and family services. the incident and the baby's death are both still under investigation.
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fallen montgomery county police officer noah milada. he was traveling when he was hit and killed by a repeat suspected drunk driver. his father testified before lawmaker in annapolis. he spoke in favor of noah's law that would require ignition laws for all drunk driver in the state. later this morning we expect to learn more about recently uncovered details that could give us insight for what life was like for the astronauts who were on the spaceship for the first trip to the moon. there were markings found where the astronauts sat as they blasted into space in 1969. donald trump hints at his plans to rid the world of the north korea leader, and this
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south korea to call for a shut down. the latest on this morning's protests. it's not just the cold. maybe it wouldn't be so bad if we didn't have wind. baltimore and easton. low 20s for leesburg, and windchill in the single digits and teens this morning. we will have the thursday mother fast on the other side of the break. everyone needs a bff. even your smile. colgate optic white express white toothpaste with hydrogen peroxide. for whiter teeth in 3 days. think of it as your smile bff. colgate optic white express white. whiter teeth in 3 days just by brushing.
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i'm tracking very cold air that is now moving in, and an even colder shot will be arriving friday night and saturday. saturday will be a tough day to be outside. around here, low 20s in town, teens, and looking to the north and west, down to 9 in columbus, ohio, and pittsburgh is at 13. the windchills in those areas, in many cases are at or below 0, and the high country, well below 0. that's open to garrett county, and the windchills are generally in the single digits and teens. as we go throughout the morning, they will stay in the single digits and teens. you may see a few spots popping over 20 with the ch
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dress for the teens today. that's what it will feel like. even tonight as the winds get lighter, windchills will be holding in the single digits and teens. i will be back at 5:19 to detail the forecast. >> howard bernstein, thank you. we are doing really well around town, and it's quiet all things considered. beltway and vw parkway, all clear, and they are issue and problem free. metro riders everything is on schedule this morning. no issues if you're getting red deto -- ready to hop on the rails this is gainesville to the beltway in fairfax, making your way into thbeltway, and roslyn, you will not find any issues as you travel over the iny bridge, making your way
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there. much more coming up shortly, for now, over to you. 5:09. passengers caught on the cruise ship that were caught in the winter storm are now back home safe. >> their reactio on treaching dry land after their terrifying trip, coming up.
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if you don't have to go outside, don't. it's that cold outside. a live look at the capitol right now. much colder in the suburbs this morning. layer, layer, layer, and cover your exposed skin. howard will explain the weekend in a bit. some dc council members are having second thoughts about a generous paid leave proposal for the workers there. the latest plan from phil mindelson would cut the leave down to 12 weeks. the original plan would have required all nonfederal employees to cover up to 16 weeks of leave. it would
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events. a meeting has been planned for tonight about the wild sex abuse charges that have left one community in shock. deonte carraway is charged with sexually abusing children at the glenarden parkway school. >> the principal is on leave now. >> it makes me wonder what happened before. >> yeah. >> seven children so far have been identified as being directly abused by carraway. a school spokesperson says the background check has come back clean. the army will pay $800,000 to settle a sexual harassment suit. the suit was claimed in 2014. the woman claims her supervisor
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sent her sexually explicit text messages. after she filed a complaint, she lost her job. investigators said roesha sims put her 3-year-old son in a swing last may and left him for 40 hours more. her family says she has battled mental health issues. her trial is scheduled for later this month. it's a move that may help a gop presidential candidate get the conservative vote on his side. john kasich is expected to sign a bill, tripping government money from planned parenthood in his state. the bill targets roughly $1.3 million in grant funding it comes after kasich finished in second place in the primary. the senate has unanimously passed legislation aiming to derail north korea's drive to get nuclear weapons it places more stringent sachss on the country, depriving them of money to nc
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the u.s. intelligence has declared the north korea nuclear program a top threat to the united states following the rocket launch on sunday. when asked what he would do to deal with the issue, this is how gop frond runner, donald trump responded. >> i would get china to make that guy disappear in one form or another very quickly. >> reporter: how do you make him disappear? assassinate him? >> i have heard of worse things frankly. >> trump made the comments yesterday on cbs this morning. mike, we are tracking new developments on the korean peninsula. the north firing back for suspended the operations at the jointly run factory yesterday. it was the last cooperate between the two countrs, and it sparked antinorth korea
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protests today. if. the shut down announcement has been called a declaration of war, and the u.s. will freeze all south korea assets at the park. the rocket launch has been widely condemned as a banned missile test, and it led to quite the back and forth with the north and the south. for now, that's the latest from the live desk. >> large storms are finally -- storms and they are finally back on land this morning. the ship sailed into a major winter storm a day after taking off. waves as high as 30 feet tossed the vessel around. royal caribbean says four passengers had minor injures, and the ship sustained some damage to the public areas. all passengers will get a
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cruise. royal caribbean said the ship is seaworthy and will be able to go back in the water. if you have not recently backed your car for a blizzard, now is the time to do it. >> do you keep a blanket in your car? >> i sure do, extra clothes, boots, and things like that. >> my husband was traveling in duluth, minnesota, and he was not feeling too much sympathy for us, air temperature was negative 4. i said you will be back. >> he brought the cold with him! the air has left alaska, and when it leaves alaska t usually heads into canada and the -- it usually heads into canada and parts of america. weha
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skies out there visibility is fine, it's just really, really co. the winds, and that's in town, winds north and west in the 20s today. with the wind, the windchills will mostly be in the teens. some suburbs will get the windchill in the low teens. that's it. it's february, and we get these arctic outbreaks on occasion. good morning, stacey. 24 in east end, and yeah, look at that. that's 1 below in davis. that's way up there in timberline, and the windchills are 15 to 20 below, making our windchills not feel as bad, but it will be painful. if you send your kid to the bus stop, maybe you can wait with them in the car or drive them to the school it will be a tough one if they are outside for any amount of time. as we said, mainly clear skies, 23, feeling like 11. west northwest at 13. gusting
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areas; and the dew point is really dropping. if you don't have a humidifier, the humidity is probably down 6%, 7%, 8%. the real cold has moved into north central canada, down into near ontario. this will be moving towards us. the first phase of cold has moved in. the second phase will come in behind this area of high pressure. the clipper system with the arctic air with know showers as we get into friday night for the mountains. we may get a come coming to us by friday night, but by saturday, temperatures in the teens to low 20s for highs, and that's it. 3-day forecast. isolated flurries, 19 tonight. 12 north and west, 33 tomorrow, and then only 22 on saturday, and the windchills on either side of
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sunday, good snuggling weather for valentine's day. we are watching a system that looks like a wintery mess monday into tuesday. >> howard, thank you. 5:19 is the time right now. smart train riders, everything is on schedule for you this morning. if you're traveling on the vw parkway shortly, starting at powder mill, working your way into 36th street northeast a13- minute commute this morning. 95 doing quite well, up to i- 395, and a 17 minute commute. eastbound from fairfax county parkway to 27th street northwest, and 24-minute commute this morning, and southbound from old hunter road to the capital beltway in bethesda. this is how it is shaping up on 295. all lanes traffic are open. we will send it over to you. >> if you're single and looking for mewhere to live. there may be just the place for you in tennessee. >> there
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may have to meet so you can move into your home known
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you're a single woman of a certain age, looking far home, knoxville, tennessee, may have the home for you. it's the golden girls' home. it's the brain child of sydney bradley. it's designed
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older. the 3,000 square foot plus home has a common area for cooking and dining and a screened in porch. rent is $1,200 a month, including electricity, cable, and wifi. bradley has been talking about building this for years. >> you can share the common spaces and come in here and watch tv and cook dinner and sit on the screened in porch and be together, and when you had enough of each other, you can go off to your own private suite. each suite has a living room, bedroom, and bathroom. you can be self-contained and be alone without living alone. >> sounds nice! bradley thinks the first tenant is on the verge of moving in, and she has not ruled out the possibility of building another golden girls' house. the library of congress is going to take you through the decades in a brand ne
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singer's exhibit. it has songs for the '20s up to the present. the exhibit is free and runs through the end of july. protect your tender vegetation from the nose. here's howard. >> and single digits in the teens, and they are not much better today. here's the feels like forecast, and by lunchtime, 2:00 that is, the windchills in the teens to the low 20s. and look at 6:00, back in the teens in most areas, and a cold day ahead. as for as traffic this morning, larry miller has a look. >> no major issues around town. road construction that you will see primarily on the southbound side of 395, close to clearing up at this point. really all the construction is close to clearing up. even better. if you're traveling over the wilson bridge from roxen hill to alex an degree y no issues this morning. also rou1
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oh my! bundle up as you head out the door. we are seeing temperatures below freezing, and it's not getting better. >> metro ridership is down, and that's the topic of the board meeting tonight. we are talking to riders about it tonight. we don't know if a child will have speech problems or eating problems. >> new parents are shocked after a hospital performed an unwanted surgery on their newborn. good thursday morning, welcome to wusa 9. i'm andrea roane. >> and i'm mike hydeck. we will check weather and traffic first. >> no r
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or rails, but the only major 1, the brutally cold weather. here's howard bernstein. a cold day yesterday, with the upper 30s, and today will be colder. a little bit of snow shower activity quickly moving out to the ocean, hitting areas south of town yesterday afternoon and evening. behind that, the cold has really started to pour in. teens and low 20s almost everywhere, except the high country on the deep side of zero. windchills well below 0 there. our windchills are single digits to lower teens. they will not be much better today. teens to the low 20s is what i'm thinking for the afternoon. look at sunshine, maybe a stray flurry. look at the temperatures. the high only around 31 or so. and we will be back in the teens and 20s tonight. larry miller, weather, cold, traffic, moving along well at the moment. >> we are doing well, no problem on my d.
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know that everything run aring as chemical weapon schedule. the earlier road construction we reported on at the 4:30 half an hour, wrapping up at this point. you're good to go there. no major issues from 295. free and clear, and we did have volumic canning up closer to the 11th street bridge. right now, traveling inbound on 50th, and the vw parkway, and southbound on 95, good to go there. a live look shows you how things are shaping up this is eastern avenue approaching the 11 street bridge. much more coming up on the 9s. >> break news t of nigeria. it's been reported atelier's -- at least 56 people have been killed from a suicide bombing. the possiblers -- the bombers were women, and most of the
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children. a third bomber turned herself in and she refused to detonate her explosives when she realized her parents and siblings were in the camp. parents may get the answer they are looking for tonight in prince george's county. a teacher's assistant used at least 11 children to make child pornography. >> parents are completely upset and shocked. the meeting will take place in glenarden. >> reporter: the meeting will happen inside of the school here at 6:30. it's a critical one, guys, as parents are really anxious to learn more about the investigation, and more about the fact that 22-year-old deonte carraway got away with make pornography on school grounds. the school's principal, michelle williams, has been put on administrati
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but a lawsuit filed by a parent says the principal ignored concerns by parents and teachers about carraway's predatory behavior. and we have learned that 11 children were forced to perform sexual acts together, and seven were abused by carraway. >> we want people who specialize in child sexual abuse and trauma and they are trained in these fields. >> reporter: at least 20 students here have seen grief counselor pros sided at the school. from prince george's county, maki -- counselors provided at the school.
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makia turner, news 9. two bodies found in a river have been identified. friends drown when their boat sank in the river. the pair had been duck hunting, and police said they were the not wearing life jackets, and they have been identified as matthew davis and earling stephen lamp of stephensville. both are 23 years old. lamp leaves behind a wife and three young boys. three muslim college students being gunned down are being remembered a year after they were killed. a candle lighting and prayer service were held for the three last night. two of the victims were dental students, working on a project to provide dental care for syrian refugees when they were killed. their classmates are continuing their work. >> i ask you all to remember the lives of these three individuals and
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example of kindness and service. craig hicks a neighbor, shot the three. the murder stepped from a parking dispute, but the families believe it was a hate crime. a utah committee of all male lawmakers voted to keep the sales tax on tampons and other feminine hygiene products. the members of the committee voted against the tax saying subjective variations on exemptns can make the system less predictable. critics believe governments who make money this way penalize women for their biology. at least five u.s. states and canada have banned taxes on such products. only on 9, we are trying to help dc and maryland sisters get one step closer to getting
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their money back. for years artilea has been fighting for answer about where four of her social security checks went. someone else may have cashed them and she still couldn't get answers. wusa 9 got right on it, getting the social security office involved and the banks and the police. they were informed they would be reimbursed by this weekend. dangerous temperatures all across the dmv. >> when will we see relief? here's howard. >> i don't think we will see relief until early next week. we could be below freezing right through monday morning in most spots. first alert doppler. it's cold here, and the snow is really piling up, just north of syracuse, mexico, new york has had 11 inches. and i will talk about the thursday forecast, and later, i will talk about the snow chances next week.
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coming up. yes, he can! he was tired of hearing no, and now a man is finding out what makes him tick. it's bringing his mothers
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it is is a frigid thursday morning, but it looks even colder headed into saturday. right now f you're getting ready to step out, you need to bundle up in layers. windchills down to 11 in town. many areas north and west, windchills low to single digits, and in the mountains, well below 0. we will only be in the upper 20s to low 30s today with the windchills, teens. you should bundle up for that. i'm watching the system for monday and tuesday that could be messy around here. larry miller, i will run inside to the
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are. >> howard, come, come! be warm and merry with us, friend. we are doing well on the beltway, moderate conditions on the virginia side of 95 as traffic starts to pick up, mainly in the areas south, fredericksburg, working your way up to the capital beltway in springfield. good on i-66, 50, no problems there, and we are issue and problem free on the parkway. getting a live look from our camera, and here we go. this is, all right, got the map here, and this is traveling northbound on 95, towards the interchange. issue and problem free on the northbound and southbound side. we will have another traffic update on the 9s, but for now over to you. a couple takes their newborn baby to the hospital for a checkup. >> now they are angry after a doctor perfor
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an about socialist and a reality star, that's who is leading. i think i know what is going on here, it's almost valentine's day, and the heart wants what it wants. america has been told for years to a buddy a pal, great on paper, and now it's getting swept off its feet from the bad boys on the wrong side of the polls. they are so dangerous, you just want to surrender your body politics and let them do what they will. you will never understand, dad, at his rallies he makes me want to do things i have never wanted to do before. >> brutal! [ laughter ] hackers used stolen data on a cyber attack on the irs website. 460,000 social security numbers were used to create fake logins. they were trying to generate fake pin nu
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say was they are notifying the affected taxpayers, and no data was affected by this. subaru is recalling 200,000 suvs after the hood latch can force the hood open while traveling. christopher jeffries said he was delivering pizzas when an officer pulled him over. he said the officer was acting aggressive and pointing a gun in his face. the police say jeffries swerved across a painted divider, drove erratically, and then refused to roll down his window for the officer. he is facing multiple chargesy. can see his cell phone video of the encounter on
5:46 am
app. four people are promising to give themselves up in a few hours. overnight 60,000 people listened to a live phone feed of the standoff in oregon streaming on youtube. one of them told the fbi negotiator, kill me. get it over with. the standoff start over a month ago over ranching rights. after poor performances in new hampshire, two republican candidates are dropping out of the presidential race. chris christie is dropping out, as is carly fiorina. this morning we are covering the story of
5:47 am
who performed on unwanted surgery on their newborn. >> they took our child who was 100% healthy, nursing well, no issues at all, took him out of the nursery and just cut his mouth. >> reporter: not long after the woman gave birth, she brought her baby in for what she thought was a routine physical. the nurse came in and said the surgery went well. the mom said what surgery. it turns out the doctor performed a surgery that cut underneath the child's tongue, but it was supposed to be performed on another baby. >> this is a baby that was supposed to be healthy, may now have problems. the doctor admitted his mistake and apologized. >> they look at your bracelet every time you move from one area to another in the
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>> stuck that landing! >> yes, she did! >> looking good. one college gymnast wanted to add her own twist to her routine. her hiphop routine in part of her gymnastics routine has gotten 6 million views on youtube in the last 4 days. serena dejesus from ucla said she wanted to enter the season with a bang, and she did. she got a 9.25. >> they were blind! >> i like how her teammates and the crowds were all chanting with her as well. >> you will be dancing like that to keep warm. >> it's cold, really cold. an inside stretch we will be in. no recess. that's not happening. sorry, teachers. wedoor recess for sure.
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headed to the weekend. the day planner for the weekend. we will see sunshine and a couple of clouds, and maybe a stray flurry. the cold is dominating the weather story the next few days, with the temperatures upper 30s. there's areas north and west, mid- to upper 20s, and that's it. it does not include the windchill. it will only be in the teens to maybe the low 20s later on. right now, 23. 20 in culpepper. you factor winds, and we are talking about the single digits and lower teens. not bad at all visibilitywise. 23 feeling like 11 in town, and the humidity is at 46%. a lot of cold air, but not so much in canada. fairfax at 5. colder than they usually are. this is going down now, towards minnesota and it is 11 below for international falls, and there's a big supply of cold air th
5:50 am
in over the next several days. cold tonights here, the snow showers well to the north, and for us, maybe a stray flurry, and i will look at the second shot, the coldest shot of arctic air friday into saturday. we may get a few snow showers with that. 19 tonight with low to mid- teens north and west. tomorrow, 33. late flurries or snow showers. the arctic front, and look at saturday. 22 in dc, and upper teens in the suburbs with the windchills potentially below 0 with friday night and saturday night. valentine's day, quite cold, mid-20s, and monday, some light snow will be possible. 34. we have to watch on tuesday, depending on the track of it. it could be snow to rain or all snow. it's really up in the air, and wednesday is looking chilly around 40, and here comes larry now with the time saver traffic, and we are been doing okay now so far. >> we are continuing to do will. i suspect because of the weather folks want to stay
5:51 am
traveling on bre, no issues it morning. they continue to run on schedule, and they have been doing really well all morning long so far. fort mead down to kenworth avenue, 60-minute commute. traveling down to the prince william parkway, working your way up to 395, an 11-minute commute. eastbound from shane ridge to 26th street, 18-minute commute there this morning. and southbound from middlebrook down to bethesda, a 15-minute commute. our trafficland cam, this is traveling to alexandria, and you can see traffic is fairly light on the inner and outer loop. back on the 9s with more traffic and weather, but for now, over to you. ridership is down on metro, and they will be holding a meeting today to talk about why. >> nikki burdines talking about it. >> reporter:
5:52 am
metro lately, you may have noticed the train cars are less crowded. there's a reason for that. people are not using metro. metro says ridership is down to the same level it was back in 2004, and weekday ridership is down by more than 6%, and weekends, down by 12%, and the report shows it's not linked to weather or any particular event, but the blue and orange lines were especially impacted by disruptions when we had the substation fire at stadium armory metro, but another reason, unpredictable travel times, and riders have been forced to budget more travel time to avoid being late. we asked people out here this morning, what do they think should be done? >> scheduling, timing, timing with buses, and we look at the numbers, and we take a look at who is riding, who is not, and then the services, and now our question is, we will see if
5:53 am
people continue to give feedback. the only problem with metro was back in october during the million man march. i'm nikki burdine, wusa 9. 20k and 20 days. wake up washington is giving away $20,000, and this is your chance to win your share of some of the cash, and you can do it this morning. here's how you can get your hands on an extra $1,000, each weekday for the next 17 days. we will give away $1,000 a day in our 6:00 a.m. show. just give us the word of the day, and you will need to be the 9th caller with the correct word. be sure to watch at 6:00 a.m. we will give away the word, and 6:30, we will give away the money. christmas may be over, but it's never too late in the year for yule log. >> hello gorgeous!
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>> he's like a character of himself. that's fabio, in case you didn't recognize him, the digital yule log of sorts. the video soft him laying on the rug, and for 18 minutes you can watch him pour wine, check his phone, play with kittens and mile at you. lee ann rymes may be suing her ex-husband over a cook book. >> she is not happy with "eat your heart out" i'm not sure if there's any references there, but he talks about their relationship in the cook book, and according to their big divorce decree, that's a big old no-no. she is threatening a lawsuit against him, and he says he already printed his book,
5:55 am
heart out." we will see if it ends up in court or in the kitchen. back to you guys. >> wow, they gave out the book on the today show yesterday, and everyone in the audience got it. we will see if they can make them give them back. j.k. rowling is turning the play of harry potter, the cursed child, into a book. this will be her eighth book in the series. have you ever wished for a sheep hybrid? >> no. >> reporter: glare luck. a new -- you're in luck. a new breed is taking over the internet. the hungarian breed is domesticated. this farm in michigan is one of the latest to import
5:56 am
how bizarre. >> i wonder what the pig who went to the polls in new hampshire would think about that. >> i don't know. we should ask him. at 6:00, layer up. we will get the latest on what to expect as you head to work and the weekend. whoa! also coming up, two sheriff's deputies gunned down in maryland. we have the latest on how it started and sadly how it ended. a parents meeting
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5:59 on this cold thursday morning, and add a little bit of snow shower activity throughout yesterday. the dusting of snow is now well out to the ocean, and behind that, there's very cold air. down in the teens and low 20s. 22 in town. you factor in the windchill, and the wind is definitely a problem. 8 in leesburg, today, sunshine, clouds, and cold. upper 20s to the low 30s. and larry miller? >> all right howard bernstein, 5:58 is your time right now. we have been doing well all morning long. earlier road constructions have now resolved, and we are dealing with the volume that is starting to pick up. once you get in the beltway, the volume is primarily southbound on 295, making your way over the
6:00 am
traveling inbound on 51, no issues this morning, and 95 on the maryland side free and clear of any issues as well. much more weather and traffic coming up on the 9s. boy it is scary cold outside! good morning, washington! >> it's wicked cold! >> wicked cold! >> 6:00 a.m., and you're getting set to head out the door. stay right there, and we have you covered on a bone-chilling day ahead. >> if we could bring you a blanket, we would. two sheriff's deputies were shot to death. we are hoping to learn more today. >> this morning we could learn about how metro wants to address a drop in ridership. what do you think the real problem is? we will hear from you, live. how far would you go to become a reality star? would you give up your freedom for it? wake up washington at 6:00 starts right now. a lot of you are gearing


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